Heroes and Mentors

From the time you are a young child, your life is inundated with heroes!  I remember as a child playing with He-Man and other characters of the day.  Such fictional characters tend to be many children’s ‘heroes’.  Movie stars, sports athletes, politicians, and the list could continue, or people that many in the world look up to.

But who should be our hero?  The first obvious answer, should DEFINITELY be Jesus Christ!  How strange it is that people would like to drive with a fish sticker on their bumper, and WWJD bracelets, but then look up to Hollywood characters that have a serious lack of morals and integrity!?

Another obvious selection would be your pastor!  I was looking through notes of ministers training sessions I have attended, and I had jotted the not, ‘Your Pastor should be your #1 mentor!”  Your pastor has devoted their life’s mission to seeing you, and those in your city, experience salvation!  My opinion…that’s hero-status-worthy!

Another group of people…the preachers, evangelists, and missionaries that have come before us!  I love to read, and some of my favorite books are the stories of our fore-fathers who have paved the way for us today.  They are my heroes.  They fought fights, and blazed the way for us to be where we are today.  If I could just have a portion of their anointing, and their boldness, and their dedication, I would be honored!

So…how does heroes and mentors relate?  Wouldn’t it be an honor to be mentored by your hero?  Many in our world would give an arm and a leg to have that opportunity!

  • Well…read your Bible, pray, and let God speak into your life!  Let Jesus Christ be your mentor!
  • Listen to your pastor!  Seek his advice.  Let him pastor you.  Let him mentor you.
  • Read the books of those who have gone on before.  Practice having the same dedication they did.  Dedicate your time and energy the way they did.

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