Do you want to be a missionary?


We had a missionary service on Tuesday.  Rev. James Marse, and his wife Stacy and their two children.  They are raising funds to head to Bolivia.  I always look forward to missionary services.  I enjoy hearing about their burden and their calling for the country they are heading to.  When we go to General Conference, and the missionaries and their children march through the building carrying the flags of the country they are heading to, I can’t help but stand their and cry.

There is just something about a family uprooting themselves, and heading to a foreign country, and leaving behind their friends and relatives, that both impresses and motivates me.  These are people who are so sure of their calling, that they will get literally give it their all.  They will change their lifestyle, and sacrifice their comfort, to do what God has called them to do.

My wife and I have been privileged to chaperone on three AYC (10-day missions) trips.  During those trips we have been so blessed to work with some awesome missionaries.  These people have become heroes in our lives!

Matthew 28:19 states ‘Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.’  So what is a missionary?  A missionary is someone who goes to a location in the world, and teaches from the Bible, and leads people to an Acts 2:38 experience!

Do you want to be a missionary?  You can!  As a matter of fact, you can be a missionary right where you are!  You are in the world…find someone, and teach them a Bible Study.  You can be a missionary at your school.  You can be a missionary at your job.  You can be a missionary in your neighborhood.  You can be a missionary to America.  (And trust me…America needs missionaries!)

Be what God wants you to be!  Be what He has called you to be!  BE A MISSIONARY!


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