I live in Valley City, ND and pastor Valley Apostolic Church (UPCI).  I have a rich Apostolic heritage.  My great-grandmother was baptized by GT Haywood.  My paternal grandfather spent his life starting churches and pastoring home-missions works.  My father has pastored Apostolic Lighthouse UPC in Williston, ND since July 1986.  My maternal grandfather has also had a life in ministry.  My brother, who passed away from acute myelogenous leukemia in 1999, was also a licensed minister with the UPCI and served as youth pastor.

The Lord has blessed me beyond compare with amazing opportunities.  I have served as the Youth President for the North Dakota District United Pentecostal Church since March 2011.  My wife and I have chaperoned Apostolic Youth Corps Missions trip to Switzerland (2012), Cambodia (2013), and Ghana (2014).

My wife and I have been blessed with three wonderful children, JD, Peyton, and KaiAna.

I originally began this blog with the intent of posting during my missions trip to Ghana.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of stable internet, there was not much posted during that trip.  Instead, this blog has not evolved into a place where I post on issues I feel passionate about.  I sincerely hope my time spent writing blesses someone.


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