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The first few days in Ghana


Wow…the last few days have been amazing! For those of you following my blog and waiting to hear the reports about Ghana…I apologize! The internet has been quite scarce! I finally have a decent signal…and I am hoping that it will last until I finish this post! We arrived Saturday evening, and came to the motel to check in and head to bed. We had a friendly roach waiting in our room to welcome us. 🙂 No problem…I quickly evicted him! We had to services Sunday, and God showed up in an incredible way! Sunday mornings church was outside under a ‘pavilion’. Two of the young ladies from the team helped out by teaching Sunday School. As always, the children can steal your heart away! Monday we headed to the Monkey Sanctuary, and the monkeys came down out of the trees and took the bananas right out of our hands. If you were lucky, the monkeys would peal the bananas in your hand and eat them. Me…not so lucky! We then headed to Kpetoe Kente Village and watched them workers weaving blankets, mufflers, and the such, and were able to purchase some as well. Bro. Sisco surprised us with a very nice muffler, also called a kente, embroidered with ‘AYC Ghana 2014’! Tuesday consisted of a long drive, with church in the evening. The worship was absolutely amazing, and God showed up in a tremendous way. After preaching on repentance, and the church spending some time in repentance, the Holy Ghost poured out and there were multiple healings! Today we loaded back in the bus and headed back towards Accra. We began the day by going to Almina Castle, an old slave trading fort. It was a very educational and sobering experience. We then stopped by the coast and the young people got to go get their feet in the ocean…of course several felt the need to get completely soaked! From there we headed to Kakum National Park and got to walk the rope bridges several hundred feet in the air! Seven bridges…I thought I did pretty well to make it three! We are now enjoying the air conditioning in the motel, and preparing to head to a hospital and orphanage to make some donations tomorrow, and to have Sunday School at the orphanage! Hopefully the wifi stays strong, and I will post again tomorrow night… Until then…God bless!


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Heading to Ghana


In just one short week, my wife and I, along with young people from across North Dakota, will be heading to Boston, Massachusetts!  Two days after arriving in Boston, we will meet up young people from across the nation, and all 51 of us will be flying to Accra, Ghana, in Africa.

We will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime, taking the gospel to Ghana, visiting an orphanage, participating in a Bible College Graduation Ceremony, and taking in the customs and culture of Ghana.

This will be my wife’s and my third missions trip…the first to Switzerland / Liechtenstein, and the second to Cambodia.

I hope to blog each day we are gone…so check back regularly!

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