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Happy Father’s Day


Allow me to take the time today to say Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  I could take the time to say what wonderful grandfathers I have…I have the best grandpas!  I could tell you how richly blessed I am with such a tremendous father-in-law…God smiled on me there!  But truly, I only have one dad!  And God definitely blessed me with the best!

I came across a poem that probably defines my relationship with my dad perfectly.  It is titled ‘A poem about my Daddy!’…

I drive you nuts,
I’ve turned you grey,
I’ve made you proud,
I’ve spent your pay.
I’ve stressed you out,
I’ve hurt you bad,
I’ve made you laugh,
I’ve sent you mad.
I’ve made you smile,
I’ve made you sob…

Now I know I wasn’t anywhere close to being the perfect son!  I can attest to what I put my dad through, as I raise my children.  I see so much of myself in them.

As I look over the last 35 years of my life and the impact my dad has had on me, so many different things come to mind.  The many times he’s been done wrong, and yet he still stood strong.  Watching him go through a trial no parent should have to face, losing a child to cancer, and yet remaining strong and being there for mom and myself.  Watching him labour diligently pastoring a church in a town, where many other men would have given up, yet boldly pressing forward.

I could continue on and on, and run out of words to describe my dad, but I will close with saying, I am who I am today, because of a dad who set such a great example for me.

I love you dad!



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Heroes and Mentors

From the time you are a young child, your life is inundated with heroes!  I remember as a child playing with He-Man and other characters of the day.  Such fictional characters tend to be many children’s ‘heroes’.  Movie stars, sports athletes, politicians, and the list could continue, or people that many in the world look up to.

But who should be our hero?  The first obvious answer, should DEFINITELY be Jesus Christ!  How strange it is that people would like to drive with a fish sticker on their bumper, and WWJD bracelets, but then look up to Hollywood characters that have a serious lack of morals and integrity!?

Another obvious selection would be your pastor!  I was looking through notes of ministers training sessions I have attended, and I had jotted the not, ‘Your Pastor should be your #1 mentor!”  Your pastor has devoted their life’s mission to seeing you, and those in your city, experience salvation!  My opinion…that’s hero-status-worthy!

Another group of people…the preachers, evangelists, and missionaries that have come before us!  I love to read, and some of my favorite books are the stories of our fore-fathers who have paved the way for us today.  They are my heroes.  They fought fights, and blazed the way for us to be where we are today.  If I could just have a portion of their anointing, and their boldness, and their dedication, I would be honored!

So…how does heroes and mentors relate?  Wouldn’t it be an honor to be mentored by your hero?  Many in our world would give an arm and a leg to have that opportunity!

  • Well…read your Bible, pray, and let God speak into your life!  Let Jesus Christ be your mentor!
  • Listen to your pastor!  Seek his advice.  Let him pastor you.  Let him mentor you.
  • Read the books of those who have gone on before.  Practice having the same dedication they did.  Dedicate your time and energy the way they did.

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The world is full of so-called heroes.  Young people look up to celebrities whom are greatly leading this young generation in the wrong direction.  From football stars, to basketball stars, to movie stars, both young and old are watching on the television, on the computer, and buying up magazines at the supermarket to track their every move.  They watch their rise to fame, the money they are making, but also their lives falling apart with drugs, divorce, and a wild lifestlye.

We need to point our children and grandchildren in the right direction when seeking heroes.

Who are my heroes…

My Grandparents:  My grandpa and grandma left Bloomington, IN when my dad was a child.  They headed to Iowa City, IA, a city where they knew no one, and a city with no Apostolic Church.  They rented an apartment, and rented a storefront, and began holding services.  My grandfather left a well paying job, and began busting tires at Montgomery Wards to pay the bills.  He also started a church in Phoenix, AZ years later.  I have watched my grandparents throughout my life always sacrificing so they could fulfill God’s will in their lives.  They will never be rich, they will never receive awards or accolades, and will never be well known, but in my eyes they are heroes and giants!

My Parents:  29 years ago, my dad relocated to Williston, ND to take over a small church.  This is where I grew up.  We never had family near us and we had to travel great distances to spend time with family.  We spent Easters, Birthdays, and Christmas with just the four of us.  I have watched the struggle at times when it seemed that things were falling apart in the church.  But for 29 years, I have watched my dad continue to sacrifice his life for the purpose that God has in it, never complaining and never doubting God!

My Wife:  12 years ago, I married the greatest lady ever!  She had NO clue what she was getting into!  She has stuck by me through thick and thin, and last year she moved away from her family and her friends, to follow me to the other side of the state, so we could fulfill God’s will in our lives.  She has stepped up to the plate, and even stepped up to the pulpit a few times when needed, and dealt with ‘issues’ as they arose, going way outside of her comfort zone!  She has amazed me, standing strong, and not doubting God’s direction in our lives!

Jesus Christ:  At the top of my list of heroes, is Jesus Christ!  Noone else has ever went to the cross for me.  He’s always been there, through thick and through thin, through the highs and the lows!

Now how about you…go find some heroes worth looking up to!


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