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Social Media Etiquette


Social media…there are SO many options!  Which ones do I join…which ones do I avoid…what works better for friendships versus business ventures…how can I post do multiple venues with one posting…it can all be QUITE overwhelming!  Then there is the debate among some, is it acceptable for me, as an apostolic, to join social media?  Of course with social media, there is an open door to a rapid relay of information, and the opportunity for gossip to travel at the speed of light.  I, personally, have found that regardless of the type of social media, the opportunity is still there to relay information as one would like.  Regardless of the social media ones may join, there has to be some core principles applied to the use of it!  When in an online community, you must have the same principles that you would in your regular community!  Below are some of my thoughts on the usage of social media:

Watch what you say!  For some reason, people get online and completely remove any filters!  They feel an openness to say whatever they want, to anyone they want, about whatever they want!  They reveal personal emotions, hurt feelings, slander others, make side comments about others, and such…

If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.

If there is a possibility of a comment being taken wrong, don’t say it online.  Make it a face-to-face conversation.  People can read your message, and apply whatever tone they want to the message, and take it out of context.

If you disagree with someone’s post, don’t start a fight online.  We are all welcome to our personal opinions, and chances are, you have NO possibility of changing their opinion on a social media site.

Be careful who your friends are!  I would not sit around and listen to someone using foul language in real life.  I would not sit around and listen to someone with a lack of morals telling their racy stories in real life.  There are some people who have such a foul spirit about them, that I would not associate with them in real life, as I don’t want that spirit rubbing off on me.  There are some people in real life who like to take your truth and twist it and began to spread lies about you, that I wouldn’t talk to them in real life for fear of the repercussions.  Then why would I want to associate with them online, and allow them personal access to my information?  Be careful who you associate with.

Be careful what you share!  Be careful what information you put out on the world wide web…remember…regardless of your privacy settings, it is still the WORLD WIDE web!  And it’s there to stay…FOREVER…regardless of if you delete it, or close your account!  On a server somewhere…or perhaps floating somewhere in the clouds….is still whatever information you typed…waiting to get into the wrong hands!  Some private stuff should stay just that…private!  But we get in a room by ourselves, and feel like it’s ok to post pictures or make statements, that later on we might regret.

Remember, you talking to everyone!  You know what I mean, we have conversations sometimes with friends, and then other conversations with our boss, and other conversations at church.  Guess what…that post online…became a conversation with ALL of the above!  As a matter of fact, it was a conversation with a potential future employer, a potential future friend…anyone who ever looks you up online, gets to see that post!  If you wouldn’t broadcast it from the roof of your house with a megaphone, don’t say it online!

Really…we don’t need to see a new picture of you ever five minutes!  Sorry…can’t resist!  Selfies…every 30 seconds….not necessary!  We haven’t forgotten what you look like!  We don’t care that you can pucker your lips like a duck!  If you’ve forgotten what you look like, use a mirror, not social media!  Also, we don’t need to see every plate of food ever sat in front of you, (and yes, I do occasionally post my food) ever art project your children make, etc.  And PLEASE, PUH-LEEZE!!!!, stop sharing EVERY piece of Facebook chain-mail, news article, and such…I promise, you won’t get rich my sharing it, you won’t win a free phone by sharing it, none of the stores have free merchandise they can’t sell that they are waiting to give to the first 5,000 sharers, you won’t die for not sharing it, and luck has NOTHING to do with Facebook!

Be slightly selective in what you share…ALL your friends will appreciate it!


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